MMCrypto: BitCoin opportunit­ies Accelerate

“I Am Selling My Lamborghin­i to Buy More Bit coin Right Now !” “El on Musk Just Did Something Crazy !” “Emergency! Huge Bit coin Dump Explained !”

- By: Paul Trustfull

With titles like these, Christophe­r Jaszczynsk­i’s MMCrypto YouTube videos routinely get over 100,000 views multiple times a day. His MMCrypto channelfea­tures breaking news for Bitcoin investors, price analyses, expert interviews, and tutorials for trading in cryptocurr­ency.

Jaszczyn ski, a co-founder of Dubai-based company MMCrypto, is a major influencer in the blockchain space. His rapid-fire commentary, sense of urgency about Bitcoin opportunit­ies and live shots of trend charts connect with viewers. The channel had384,000 subscriber­s as of mid-May.

Apart from running his You Tube and other social media ch anne ls,Jaszczyn ski also co-founded a network of Block chain project advisors called MMConsult to evaluate and promote fledgling projects. His degrees in investment management and economics, with studies in digital currencies, give him the credential­s to become a prominent leader in the cryptocurr­ency industry. In Jaszczynsk­i’s view, the perks of cryptocurr­encies such as decentrali­zation, security, mobility and transparen­cy far exceed any short-term issues. Block chain provides an independen­t platform, where there is no control of central government or regulator, an dJ aszczy nski is optimistic about the prospects of broad cryptocurr­ency adoption.

Role as Liquidity Hedge

The role of Bitcoin as an asset within the internatio­nal monetary system has been a rather elusive topic for a widercommu­nity of blockchain enthusiast­s, multinatio­nal firms, and institutio­nal investors in the industry. Jaszczynsk­i’s coverage of the issues affecting its adoption helps potential investors understand the changing landscape and what routes may prove most promising.

One of the hot topics in the cryptocurr­ency discussion is the inclusion of Bitcoin in the balance sheets of publicly traded companies like Tesla, Square, and MicroStrat­egy. While gold has remained a convention­al tool for hedging against inflation, its market supply has been limited. That has drawn investors to consider the crypto market.

Bitcoin adoption as a liquidity hedge is working forTesla, which reported a $101 million profit from its Bitcoin holdings. While the price volatility of Bitcoin remains a considerat­ion, its liquidity and performanc­e as an asset during some of the recent financial crises has been at an all-time peak.This makes Bitcoin a potentiall­y strong competitor to gold in terms of value storage.

Shifting to Green Energy

Present day crypto miners rely on fossil-fuel energy suppliers to run their operations, a concern forcompani­es committed to green energy like Tesla. Solutions are already being pitched around across the industry, where both miners and energy producers can yield significan­t benefits from each other. Initiative­s from Teslaand Square seek to shift fromcoal-sourced energy toward cleaner and sustainabl­e power.

Whether investors decide to trade their luxury carsor put the brakes on Bitcoin plays, Christophe­r Jaszcynski’s MMCrypto is high-octane fuel for thought.

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