According to Joel Greenblatt


No investor influenced Adam Wyden’s deep value approach more than Joel Greenblatt, whose Gotham Capital posted 50% annualized gross returns from 1985 to 1995 before returning capital. Greenblatt then authored four investment books. Wyden’s favorite is You Can Be a Stock Market Genius, considered the bible of spinoff investing, which tipped him off to

his investment in Ferrari via Fiat Chrysler. Greenblatt now runs a novel mutual fund

called Gotham

Index Plus (GINDX), which marries discipline­d valuationd­riven stock picking with passive index investing. It invests in the S&P 500 Index, but overlays Greenblatt’s analysis of its constituen­ts, with bets on companies he deems undervalue­d and against expensive names. GINDX is up nearly 20% in 2021 thanks to Greenblatt’s valueappro­ach. GINDX’s biggest holdings

are Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook

and Google.

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