In 2007, Forbes convened five billionair­es— John Catsimatid­is, Stewart Rahr, Tim Blixseth, Phil Ruffin and Ron Burkle—for a charity poker tournament filled with friendly barbs and big bets.

“How much?” Catsimatid­is yelps.

“$2,000 to you, John baby!” Rahr goads, having already folded in his struggle to avoid being the first guy to get forced from the game for running out of money.

“What could you possibly have?” Catsimatid­is asks. Ruffin just smiles. Rahr needles Catsimatid­is again: “You’ve got it, John. C’mon, you can raise the price of oil tomorrow.”

“Maybe I should raise the price of oil tomorrow,” he responds—and then folds.

In the end, casino boss Ruffin came out on top. The house always wins. —OCTOBER 8, 2007

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