Buy, Hold, Sell

Clutch the cultured pearls; cede the composite armor.

- By Guy Johnson

Standing at the Scratch

Line (Penguin Random House, 1998) is the debut novel from Guy Johnson, son of Maya Angelou. Homeric in scope, it tells the story of a young Black man in the early 20th century. After fighting

valorously with the Harlem Hellfighte­rs in a segregated U.S. military, he returns to America and confronts many adversarie­s: organized crime in Harlem, the

KKK in Louisiana, the threat of the Red Summer in Oklahoma’s newly prosperous Black townships. Johnson’s exceptiona­l writing style gives the reader an authentic lens into the richness, diversity and perseveran­ce of the Black community. I give this book to as many young people as I can, particular­ly young Black men. It articulate­s how business ownership can be a means of building self-respect, investing in your community and strengthen­ing the fabric of your family—all of which have been core

tenets in my life.

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