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Pets live in 70% of U.S households, and pet spending hit a record $103 billion in 2020, rising 7%. Chewy is the e-commerce leader, but less than half of overall spending is on kibble and treats. Veterinari­an care, medicines and services like grooming are the majority. To build diversi ed exposure, ProShares o ers a Pet Care ETF, which counts Chewy as a top holding in a 32-stock portfolio. Other large bets are pet medicine giant Zoetis, animal diagnostic equipment leader IDEXX Laboratori­es and vaccine maker Dechra Pharmaceut­icals. “The industry has shown tremendous growth. It’s a story of strong fundamenta­ls,” says Sco Helfstein, director of Thematic Strategies at ProShares, who notes that sales per share among companies in his ETF are up 41% in 2021, versus 7% for the S&P 500.

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