Vitalik Buterin THEN:

The inventor of the ethereum blockchain and cryptocurr­ency appeared on the list at age 23, when ethereum’s market value was about $30 billion and

his wealth some $400 million. NOW:

Since then, ethereum’s price has exploded, leading to a market value of $500 billion and a personal fortune of

$1.4 billion, making Buterin among the youngest known crypto billionair­es.

Austin Russell THEN:

Aided by a $100,000 Thiel Fellowship, the optics prodigy and Stanford dropout founded Luminar at age 17 to develop higherqual­ity laser sensors for selfdrivin­g vehicles.


Russell, 25, became the world’s youngest selfmade billionair­e when Luminar went public on the Nasdaq in December 2020. The company, which he runs, is worth $7 billion.

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