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Reid Hoffman

Billionair­e cofounder of LinkedIn; partner at VC firm Greylock Partners

Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun By Sarah Ladipo Manyika

As Morayo Da Silva nears age 75, she plans

to get a tattoo to celebrate. Yet the DMV seems intent on taking her driver’s license away. When she injures her hip, her independen­ce is further compromise­d. Still, the retired English

professor is sure she still has many possible futures. Displaceme­nt is a recurring theme in the deliberate and eloquent Like a Mule (Legend Press and Cassava Republic Press, 2016). Morayo’s relationsh­ips appear

tenuous, and she’s adjusting to an aging body that correlates less and less with who she knows herself to be.

Another character is newly homeless. A third is navigating his wife’s worsening dementia. But if displaceme­nt looms large, the desire

to connect is there to counterbal­ance it. That’s why I find this novel so compelling: We’re so much more than we first appear— but it’s only through interactin­g with others that we truly make ourselves known.

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