- —Maggie McGrath and Lisette Voytko

Age: 28 • Actor

The 2003 film School of Rock gave Cosgrove her big-screen debut at age 10, but her career really took off a few years later when she was cast as the titular character, Carly, in the hit Nickelodeo­n series iCarly. By 2012 she was pulling down $180,000 per episode, making her the highest-paid child actor (a Guinness World Record that still stands). But something was missing. “I didn’t have any creative control over what I was doing,” she says. Having attended the University of Southern California, she’s now an executive producer on the 2021 Paramount+ iCarly reboot. ViacomCBS CEO Robert Bakish has called out the show for being a leading driver of subscripti­ons in the streaming wars. “I knew from a really young age how the executive producer of the show pretty much got to decide almost every aspect,” Cosgrove says. “Now I get to have a say in everything.”

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