- —Katie Jennings and Alex Knapp

Age: 27 • Founder and CEO, Loyal

Halioua, who studied neuroscien­ce at the University of Texas, Austin, and economics of gene therapeuti­cs at Oxford, founded San Francisco– based biotech Cellular Longevity (known as Loyal) in 2019 to identify compounds that help prevent undue aging and cancer in dogs, which could also potentiall­y help humans. One key advantage: It’s easier to get experiment­al drugs approved for the veterinary market than for humans. Her first anti-aging drug entering clinical trials next year targets

a cellular mechanism hypothesiz­ed to mitigate mental and physical decline associated with age. The pre-revenue company has raised over $38 million in venture capital. “There’s never been a drug approved for aging for any species, dog or human,” Halioua says. “My core goal in life

is to get the first drug approved.”

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