Age: 26 • Cofounder and CEO, Lectric eBikes

- —Elisabeth Brier, Amy Feldman and Alan Ohnsman

In 2018, when Conlow was 22, he talked his father into investing $50,000 of his retirement savings in an affordable electric bicycle he was designing. Though his first iteration flopped because of factors like range and speed, and “potentiall­y screwed up [Dad’s] retirement,” Conlow quickly retooled and created Lectric’s $1,000 XP model (a typical e-bike costs more than $2,000), which he started selling in 2019. To date, Conlow has sold more than 100,000 bikes; the company is on track to book $85 million in revenue this year. Most importantl­y, his father got his retirement savings made flush again. “We got my old man paid back, and he’s happy with the investment now,” Conlow says.

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