Age: 25 • Cofounder and CEO, Kalshi

- —Maria Abreu, Michael del Castillo and Jeff Kauflin

New York–based Kalshi lets investors place unusual bets on future events, such as how many Americans will ultimately receive a Covid-19 vaccine. While he was at Goldman Sachs, Mansour’s clients wanted to hedge their investment­s during Brexit but had no direct way to do it. So in 2018, he started working on Kalshi with fellow MIT alum Luana Lopes Lara. The hardest part: regulatory approval. “In one day we both called 65 lawyers,” Mansour says. “All of whom said, ‘People have been trying to do this since the ’80s, and it’s not happening.’ ” But they persevered— and in November 2020, Kalshi became the first federally regulated event-based trading exchange in U.S. history. Billionair­es Charles Schwab and Henry Kravis have invested alongside blue-chip VC shop Sequoia; Kalshi has raised $36 million and processed $10 million in trades since launching in July 2021.

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