- —Alex Konrad and Rebecca Szkutak

Age: 23

Cofounder, Behind Genius Ventures

Doherty is investing in creators and the companies that support them as a cofounder of Behind Genius Ventures, the venture capital firm she launched with Joshua Schlisserm­an in March 2021. So far, the duo have begun to invest their $5 million fund into 12 core investment­s including Pallet (a job site for independen­t creators), gamified fitness startup Aviron and FYPM, a sort of Glassdoor for Gen Z.

Early backers include Union Square Ventures’ Andy Weissman, Freestyle’s Jenny Lefcourt, Bain Capital Ventures and Tribe Capital. To help describe her dream job to her parents, Doherty published a picture book explaining venture capital,

Seed to Harvest, featuring a foreword by Forbes

Midas List superstar investor Ann Miura-Ko.

“My goal is to make venture more transparen­t,”

Doherty says. “I want more people to feel welcome here.”

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