- —Margherita Beale, Lauren Debter and Vicky Valet

Age: 29 • Cofounder and CEO, Acquco

Acquco is one of the largest and fastest-growing aggregator­s of companies that sell on Amazon. Nirmal has raised $160 million to acquire businesses that will generate some $250 million in revenue this year. “I’ve been living and breathing Amazon,” says Nirmal, who worked as an analyst at the e-commerce giant right out of college and started several Amazon companies himself. Now he’s scaling others’ products (household items like shower curtains, bug zappers and milk frothers), a process that includes expanding beyond Amazon to sites such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy. “We think the potential isn’t just getting a bunch of brands on Amazon. We think the true potential is turning these brands into true omnichanne­l brands,” says Nirmal, a Sikh who emigrated from India when he was 7 years old. He has given away Teslas for leads on deals in the white-hot space and is in the process of raising another $400 million.

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