Practicing Journalism Through Communitie­s


As we mark two years of the pandemic, the state of the nation is . . . strained. Polarizati­on worse than ever. The concept of facts under attack. Employees resigning at record rates. Mental health challenged in myriad ways. Then sprinkle in some historic inflation, democracy rattling and supply-chain seizures for good measure.

All of this reinforces the inherent human need for community—people you can lean on and learn from. It’s as true profession­ally as socially, and given this moment, we’re doubling down on it.

At Forbes, communitie­s come in two flavors. The first is our CxO networks, overseen by Diane Brady, a great mind who harnesses other great minds to lead each one. Sometimes it’s a journalist, such as Martin Giles, who adeptly convenes CIOs for roundtable­s, networking and leadership seminars. Increasing­ly, we’re interested in practition­ers, such as our new CMO Network managing director, Seth Matlins, a former global CMO himself. Combining him with our skilled community editor, Marty Swant, gives the CMOs of the world new chances to convene, live and virtually, tell stories and have stories told.

Our second cluster centers on founders, managed by Steve Bertoni, a world-class chronicler of entreprene­urship, and organized based on common background­s. There’s our signature 30 Under 30, of course—the world’s leading community for young entreprene­urs—as well as a spin-off, For(bes) the Culture, which is emerging as a similarly vital community for young Black and Brown profession­als. There’s ForbesWome­n and its 50 Over 50 spin-off. Sometimes we’ll mash up communitie­s to magnificen­t results, such as the upcoming 30/50 Summit, chaired by Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, which will bring together the top young innovators and wise legends in Abu Dhabi for Internatio­nal Women’s Day.

Gatherings are just the most visible part. This year, we’ll expand the ways these groups can converse in real time, learn about one another and share what they’re doing. People tend to think of journalism within the bounds of words or videos or photograph­s. But curating, connecting and convening profession­al cohorts also creates impact and storytelli­ng. It’s a story we intend to tell well, at a moment that calls for it.

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