In 2020, BHP, the $61 billion (sales) Anglo-Australian multinatio­nal mining outfit, sold its first “paperless” shipment of Australian iron ore to China. That evolved in 2021 to trading cargoes of copper concentrat­e to China, with all documents, assays and emissions data enshrined on its MineHub blockchain platform.

BHP has since adopted blockchain-based traceabili­ty to ensure there’s no “dilution” of the nickel it sells to Tesla’s Shanghai battery factory and to track the carbon emissions of the copper it sends from Chile to electric cable maker Southwire in Carrollton, Georgia. BHP is now in talks with suppliers to use blockchain to guarantee that the rubber in the 6,000 giant truck tires it uses each year was produced without slave labor or illegal deforestat­ion.

BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORMS: MineHub, Hyperledge­r Fabric

KEY LEADER: Michiel Hovers, group sales and marketing officer

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