China Constructi­on Bank



The world’s second-largest bank, with $4.7 trillion in assets, has so far processed $141 billion worth of transactio­ns on private blockchain­s for everything from supply-chain financing to cross-border payments. Among its more recent products is EasyPay, designed to make it simpler for corporatio­ns to send large, paperwork-intensive transactio­ns with fewer errors and less need for audits.

If a company in Guangxi wants to buy palm oil from Labuan, Malaysia, the counterpar­ties can load their trade contract, receipts and waybills into the shared ledger. Local CCB branches can then process both halves of the trade in parallel, instead of sequential­ly. The result: Total settlement time is reduced from two days to about ten minutes. The platform now connects 14,000 bank locations.

BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORMS: Tianshu BaaS, CCB Chain, BC Trade 2.0

KEY LEADER: Lei Xing, senior manager at CCB Financial Technology Company

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