JULES ALINGETE: Fresh Oversight of Public Revenues


Aligned with President tshisekedi’s pledge to reform public finance and political governance, Alingete has already netted hundreds of millions through anti-corruption efforts.

President tshisekedi appointed economist Jules Alingete to lead the general inspectora­te of Finance (igF) in July 2020. the success of Alingete’s main mission – to increase public revenues in the Democratic Republic of Congo – hinges upon his ability to root out corruption. That mission is already changing the face of the igF.

ideally equipped for his current role, Alingete graduated with a degree in economics from the University of kinshasa. He first joined the igF more than 30 years ago as a trainee inspector. He became an inspector in 2000, and was appointed to inspector general of finances in 2010. He has worked for government department­s as an accountant, tax specialist and business climate expert. in his role as head of the igF, Alingete monitors public spending, financial authoritie­s, tax services, state enterprise­s and Drc’s provincial government­s. He has taken a tough stance against those who mishandle public funds, including members of the government.

Things are starting to change, Alingete told Agence France Presse (AFP) in a recent interview. “today, we are increasing our capacity to intervene, and will reach cruising altitude in 2022. We will soon have 200 inspectors.”

Alingete’s strategies are already producing tangible financial results. in contrast to public revenues of between Us$300 and $380 million per month, the Drc’s public treasury now generates monthly revenues closer to Us$500 million.

“When i became president, i announced that the rule of law, independen­t justice, the fight against corruption and impunity were the leitmotiv of my action in the area of political governance,” tshisekedi told an audience of provincial governors in December 2021. “it is in this sense that we must place the revitaliza­tion of certain structures. indeed, i have made it a point of honor to improve the efficiency of the IGF, whose action was, until my arrival, hardly perceptibl­e. Placed under my direct authority, the general inspectora­te of Finance contribute­s effectivel­y to the effort to clean up public finances, to the great satisfacti­on of our population­s.”

The president also pointed to his creation of the Agency for the Prevention and Fight against Corruption (APLC), a separate, complement­ary agency, as an additional response to this imperative. the Drc is now expected to achieve Us$8 billion in revenues by the end of December 2021 instead of the annual forecast of Us$7 billion. Under the leadership of President tshisekedi and with the support of nicolas kazadi, Jules Alingete and others, the vision of a better-governed, better-stewarded Drc is becoming a reality.

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