- By Jim Oberweis

Like Masimo, AngioDynam­ics, based in Latham, New York, makes medical devices— but its products are mostly used to diagnose and restore healthy blood ow in the body’s vascular system.

The $316 million (revenue) company is gaining traction with an innovative device known as the Auryon Atherectom­y System, which uses solid-state laser technology to vaporize lesions and improve blood ow for the treatment of peripheral artery disease.

Other, newer products include the AlphaVac, which helps remove blood clots via minimally invasive surgery, and NanoKnife, used to destroy cancerous tissue without thermal energy. As these products outpace the legacy business of vascular and diagnostic catheters, I expect revenue growth to accelerate to 10% to 12% next year, doubling Ebitda and pu ing operating pro t in the black.

Jim Oberweis is president of Oberweis Asset Management.

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