Working with Video?

Now you can share your media files globally, in minutes!


Now you can share your media files globally and eliminate the high cost of collaborat­ing with talented editors and colorists around the world! The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini is storage that syncs and shares media with Dropbox and Google Drive. It even understand­s proxy workflows, so a whole timeline and its media can be shared in minutes. Plus, its high performanc­e is perfect for large media files!

Designed for Film and Television

Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini is the perfect network storage solution for film and television where large media files need to be shared between multiple users for editing, color correction, audio and VFX work. That means it’s perfect for DaVinci

Resolve! Dropbox and Google Drive sync allows multiple cloud stores to be synchroniz­ed in different locations globally. It’s fast, easy and totally confidenti­al.

High Performanc­e for Large Files

With a separate very high speed 10G Ethernet connection, Blackmagic Cloud

Store Mini is very fast. The internal memory core has been designed to saturate the 10G Ethernet port to its theoretica­l maximum speed, even with multiple users connected. It’s so fast, most computers cannot keep up! Plus file access is very low latency, so responsive­ness is fast. Even at maximum speed, the Blackmagic

Cloud Store Mini is extremely quiet with virtually no cooling fan noise.

Sync to Dropbox or Google Drive

Now you can set up a local cache of your Dropbox or Google Drive files!

This makes working faster because files are locally available without needing to be downloaded from the internet. Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini constantly works to stay in sync. This means you save space on your computer by offloading files to the Cloud Store Mini so everyone on your network can share them.

No Subscripti­on Costs

One of the big advantages of the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini is that it’s private storage that you fully control. There are no subscripti­ons to sign up for. There are no monthly license fees. There is no tracking of your usage or data. That means it’s perfect for private network use, disconnect­ed from the internet. With Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini, you get high performanc­e and total freedom.

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