Net zero, nature positive


Your business has a carbon footprint.

Take responsibi­lity for your impact and become a climate leader by ofsetting your emissions through Ecosphere+ and supporting high-quality projects that protect and restore nature. After measuring and actively reducing your footprint, carbon ofsetting is a required final step enabling your business to close the gap and achieve net zero.

Ecosphere+ has pioneered best practices in carbon ofsetting since 2016 and brought integrity and innovation to some of the largest solutions in the carbon market, transactin­g over 40 million carbon credits to date. We empower our clients with exclusive access to high-impact carbon ofset projects, verified against leading internatio­nal standards, that enable businesses to support outcomes beyond climate mitigation, such as for nature and people.

Drop us an email to set up a call with our team, and join a climate and nature-positive economy.

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