Age: 26 • Cofounder, Heirloom

- —Olivia Peluso and Igor Bosilkovsk­i

Here’s a cool idea: Use hot rocks to fight global warming. Heirloom superheats limestone to extract its CO2 and stores the gas far undergroun­d. The treated mineral then acts like a wrung-out sponge, reabsorbin­g greenhouse gases from the air. “We give rocks superpower­s to scrub CO2 out of our atmosphere,” says McQueen, who earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineerin­g from the University of Pennsylvan­ia. McQueen and cofounder Shashank Samala have raised a $53 million round and signed carbon offset deals with tech giants Microsoft, Stripe and Shopify. Rana Abdelhamid, 29

Founder, Malikah Pelkins Ajanoh, 28

Cofounder, CassVita Kayli Dale, 25 Jacqueline Hutchings, 25

Cofounders, Friendlier Evan Ehlers, 26 Victoria Wilson, 25

Cofounders, Sharing Excess Leon Ford, 29

Cofounder, the Hear Foundation Jacob Foss, 29 Joshua Shefner, 25

Cofounders, Agricycle Global Soraya Fouladi, 28

Founder, Jara Peter Frelinghuy­sen, 22 Misha Medvedev, 22

Cofounders, Earth Brands Jack Hartpence, 29 Ellie O’Neill, 29

Cofounders, Powwater Ernest Holmes, 25 Jaycee Holmes, 27 Tavis Thompson, 24

Cofounders, CodeHouse Sophia Kianni, 20

Founder, Climate Cardinals Jhillika Kumar, 23 Conner Reinhardt, 25

Cofounders, Mentra Pava LaPere, 25

Cofounder, EcoMap Technologi­es Nick Martin, 28 Jo Norris, 28

Cofounders, Carbon Reform Jada McLean, 29

Founder, Ethically Noah McQueen, 26

Cofounder, Heirloom Jamie Norwood, 29

Cofounder, Stix Izunna Okonkwo, 27 Olamide Oladeji, 29 Abuzar Royesh, 28

Cofounders, Pastel Alexander Olesen, 27 Graham Smith, 26

Cofounders, Babylon Micro-Farms Kiera Peltz, 28

Founder, the Coding School Ahmed Qureshi, 29

Founder, Valorant Health Safi Rauf, 28

Founder, Human First Coalition Jack Roswell, 24 David Schurman, 25 Oleksiy Zhuk, 24

Cofounders, Perennial Gabriel Saruhashi, 24

Cofounder, Ameelio Tim Schnabel, 29

Founder, Switch Bioworks Nuha Siddiqui, 26 Kritika Tyagi, 26

Cofounders, Erthos Corten Singer, 28 Tomás Vega, 28

Cofounders, Augmental Tech

Sam Stark, 26

Founder, Green Project Technologi­es Hunter Swisher, 28

Founder, Phospholut­ions Amélie Vavrovsky, 27

Founder, Formally

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