Age: 21 • Cofounder, AtoB

- —Amy Feldman, Alan Ohnsman and Elisabeth Brier

For trucking firms, refueling is tricky. They need payment cards that let their drivers buy gas— but only gas. Precise data on prices and gallons purchased is needed as well. AtoB, which Arora cofounded with Vignan Velivela and Tushar Misra in 2019, makes software to help. More than 24,000 American trucking companies use the app to handle fuel purchasing, payroll, taxes and accounting. “We’re the Stripe or Square for transporta­tion,” says Arora, who grew up in India. In August, AtoB raised a fresh $155 million for a total of $230 million in equity and debt funding. But it hasn’t been a totally smooth ride: In October, with recession fears increasing, AtoB laid off 30% of its staff. Sajag Agarwal, 23

Cofounder, Movley Austin Appel, 29 Xiao Kao, 25 Russell Nibbelink, 27

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