Age: 26 • Cofounder, RTFKT

- —Lauren Debter and Emmy Lucas

With cofounders Benoit Pagotto and Chris Le, Vasilev launched RTFKT (pronounced artifact) in 2020 to create digital clothing and sneakers for the metaverse. Vasilev previously crafted real-life custom kicks for celebs. “I saw how sneakers were becoming status symbols for Gen Z kids, how physical marketplac­es worked, and I thought it could be more frictionle­ss with digital assets.” In May 2021, RTFKT raised $8 million from Andreessen Horowitz and others and was acquired by Nike that December for an undisclose­d price. This past April, as the NFT craze peaked, Nike worked with RTFKT to launch its first collection for the metaverse, releasing 20,000 digital sneakers dubbed Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICK­S. Some special editions fetched upward of $130,000 each. Samer Abu Farha, 22

Founder, Rare Munchiez Selom Agbitor, 26 Oliver Zak, 25

Cofounders, Mad Rabbit Rakan Al-Shawaf, 26

Cofounder, Makeship Ryan Amoils, 25 Andrew Samole, 26 Nick Tomasunas, 24

Cofounders, MX Locker Nafis Azad, 25 Sneh Parmar, 27

Cofounders, Lucky Jina Chang, 28

Founder, Girls Crew Carina Chaz, 28

Founder, DedCool Jordan Christophe­r, 29

Cofounder, Purezero Clean Beauty Kimiloluwa Fafowora, 26

Founder, Gander Ariana Ferwerda, 27 Kiley McKinnon, 27

Cofounders, Halfdays Ryan Frazier, 28 Logan LaMance, 26 Austin Maxwell, 27

Cofounders, Kanga Coolers JT Garwood, 26 Jack Miller, 27

Cofounders, bttn Emily Gittins, 29 Cofounder, Archive Julianne Goldmark, 27

Founder, Emi Jay Sylvan Guo, 29 Janvi Shah, 29

Cofounders, Hue Jungmin Kang, 18

Founder, Snoopslime­s Liam Kinney, 29

Cofounder, Canal Kasper Kubica, 27 David Spratte, 28

Cofounders, Carpe Haily Marzullo, 28

Founder, Humankind Anuj Mehta, 24 Kushal Negi, 22 Akash Raju, 24

Cofounders, Glimpse Deniz Özgür, 25

Cofounder, Space Runners Phantila Phatarapra­sit, 29

Cofounder, Sabai Roc Pilon, 28

Founder, Gymreapers Kunal Rai, 23 Samuel Spitz, 23

Cofounders, Gently Niki Shamdasani, 29 Ritika Shamdasani, 21

Cofounders, Sani Gabriella Tegen, 28

Cofounder, Smartrr Blake Van Putten, 28

Founder, CISE Steven Vasilev, 26

Cofounder, RTFKT Jeremy Wood, 28

Cofounder, OpenStore Sherwin Xia, 27

Cofounder, Trendsi

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