Age: 24 Cofounder, Branch

- —Matt Craig and Ethan Davison

At 16, the Missouri native dropped out of high school to build Minecraft servers and created an analytics program that collected info about player numbers, locations and peak traffic times. In 2017, he sold the app for a few thousand dollars and bought a plane ticket to San Francisco. In 2020 he and cofounder Connor Hollasch started Branch to build social Web3 games. Branch’s first game, Castaways, in which players transform desert islands, is free to play, but superusers can earn special in-game items that they can sell to other players. Branch, which has raised $14 million, gets a 10% cut. Still in alpha, Castaways has 125,000 monthly active users.

Yousef Abdelfatta­h, 26

Cofounder, FaZe Clan Daniela Ali, 28 Ali Hassan, 26

Cofounders, Oni Studios Ambrielle Army, 29

Senior Director of Production, Singularit­y 6 Nicolette Barker, 26

CEO, Galorants Alexandra Botez, 27 Andrea Botez, 20

Cofounders, BotezLive Analynn Dang, 27

Manager, Pokimane Jack Dunlop, 28

Creator Oyin Egbuson, 27 Marketing Manager, Epic Games Matheus Fonseca, 21 Jordan Iribarren, 25 Colin McDonald, 22

Cofounders, Moonsworth Alex Gonzalez, 26

CEO, Luminosity Gaming Emily Gonzalez-Holland, 27

Director of Marketing Operations, Cloud9 Esports Dominique Gordon, 26

Product Manager, Xbox Kelly Henckel, 27

Lead Product Manager, Mojang Studios Connor Hollasch, 25 Dayton Mills, 24

Cofounders, Branch Technologi­es Abby LeMaster, 27 Gameplay Producer, Riot Games Alex Levy, 28

Associate, Netflix Emilio Leynez Cuevas, 27

Esports Player Kha Lu, 26 Rustin Sotoodeh, 27

Cofounders, Higround Daniel Luu, 27

Founder, Akrew Gaylen Malone, 29

Vice President of Talent, Loaded Cheyenne Pualani Morrin, 29

Senior Game Writer, Respawn Entertainm­ent Matthew Musey, 22

Associate Narrative Designer, Sledgehamm­er Games Jean Ortega, 26

Cofounder, LOUD Esports Ella Pravetz, 28

Executive Creative Director, Misfits Gaming Group Mahraan Qadir, 27

Product Marketing Lead, Unity Technologi­es

Baqir Shah, 28

Lead Level Designer, Deck Nine Games Bobby Sherlock, 29

Senior Brand Manager, Warner Brothers Games Chloe Shih, 29

Product Lead, Discord Adil Virani, 25

Cofounder, Blitz App Natalie Watson, 27

Producer, Half Mermaid Production­s

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