Fidelity Investment­s has a longstandi­ng commitment to helping people live better lives by providing broad access to financial education and expertise. This includes an ongoing focus on increasing diversity and inclusion within our workforce, providing greater transparen­cy into our efforts, and creating value for diverse customers and communitie­s.

We are proud to celebrate the past and present achievemen­ts of the Black community and know that honoring our commitment means further addressing educationa­l access, affordabil­ity, and a commitment to improving post-graduation outcomes that improve lifetime earnings.

The Invest in My Education (ME)SM program empowers Black, Latinx and historical­ly underserve­d students to strengthen their financial futures. In five years, working with our philanthro­pic partners and community-based nonprofits, up to 50,000 students will have access to scholarshi­ps, ongoing support, and community grants to create greater economic mobility and generation­al wealth, while our sponsorshi­p program, LIFT, helps Black and Latinx leaders overcome career advancemen­t challenges.

We offer the Fidelity Fully Funded Undergradu­ate Program and student loan assistance to our employees— which provides $15,000 over five years to pay eligible student loans— to demonstrat­e our commitment to improving their economic mobility and generation­al wealth through education.

Working with influencer­s and community representa­tives like Tiffany ‘The Budgetnist­a’ Aliche, we provide culturally relevant financial education; while our Women Talk Money series focuses on the factors that impact women financiall­y. The series includes topics that help Black women grow their investment­s, while navigating and reclaiming a financial system that wasn’t really made for them.

As we celebrate Black achievemen­t, we remain dedicated to sustained action that will improve long-term educationa­l, career and financial outcomes so those we serve can continue to reach greater heights.

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