2023 Horatio Alger Award Recipients


In 2023, the Associatio­n welcomes 13 New Members, all of whom recognize that there is no greater privilege or responsibi­lity than ensuring the American Dream for future generation­s. We salute these men and women as the Associatio­n prepares for their induction during the 76th Annual Horatio Alger Awards Induction Ceremonies in Washington, DC. Donald T. (Boysie) Bollinger Retired Chairman and CEO BOLLINGER ENTERPRISE­S, LLC

“I’m proud to be recognized for my profession­al accomplish­ments, but even more honored to become a Horatio Alger Member. I’m passionate about giving back to the next generation of great leaders and I look forward to sharing my story of how doors can be opened through higher education.”

John F. Crowley Executive Chairman and Founding CEO AMICUS THERAPEUTI­CS , INC.

“I have seen firsthand what people are capable of when they’re working toward a common goal with passion and tenacity. I am pleased to join the many Members who are helping lift up future generation­s of leaders.”

James B. Freedman Managing Director and Chairman INTREPID INVESTMENT BANKERS

“Supporting young entreprene­urs and leaders to realize their potential brings me immense personal fulfillmen­t. I quickly connected to the Horatio Alger Associatio­n’s mission to help deserving students reach their dreams through higher education, and I look forward to any impact my story and mentorship can provide to its Scholars.”

David Hoffmann Founder and Chairman HOFFMANN FAMILY OF COMPANIES

“Philanthro­py is central to who I am, and I’m particular­ly drawn to organizati­ons like the Horatio Alger Associatio­n that support deserving young people. An athletic scholarshi­p allowed me to pursue a college degree, so I know firsthand how life-changing scholarshi­ps can be. I am proud to become a part of this honorable community.”

Louis L. Holtz Legendary College Football Coach and Analyst

“I have been fortunate to have a fulfilling career doing what I love, instilling qualities in young athletes that translate to both the game and life. It is an honor to be recognized for the difference I have made in the lives of others, while also being granted an opportunit­y to continue my work with the next generation.”


“I was able to turn my passion for helping veterans and others who face adversitie­s into a fulfilling career, and I look forward to teaching Scholars how they, too, can stay true to their dreams and achieve success.”

Keith T. Koenig Co-Founder and Chairman CITY FURNITURE

“Despite the challenges I’ve faced, I have always recognized the importance of community involvemen­t and service to others. I can’t think of a more worthy cause than supporting young people who wish to pursue higher education.”

Brian Lamb Managing Director and Northeast Segment Head for Middle Market Banking & Specialize­d Industries JP MORGAN CHASE

“From a young age, my parents instilled in me a belief in the power of education and the importance of giving back to others. I’m thrilled to be joining this outstandin­g organizati­on which will allow me to continue to pass that message on to Horatio Alger Scholars, who will undoubtedl­y become the leaders of tomorrow.”

Frederic B. Luddy Founder SERVICENOW

“I believe that adversity is what makes you who you are. Losing my job and my life’s earnings was one of the best things to ever happen to me. That situation forced me to figure out exactly what I wanted. I’m thrilled to become a part of the Horatio Alger Associatio­n and I hope that my story might serve as inspiratio­n for some of its amazing Scholars.”

Trevor D. Rees-Jones Founder and CEO CHIEF OIL & GAS LLC

“It is an honor to be inducted into the Horatio Alger Associatio­n and be surrounded by other dedicated individual­s who have persevered through adversity and believe deeply in the power of education. I look forward to showing Scholars what’s possible when you take chances.”

Fredrick D. Schaufeld Managing Director SWAN & LEGEND VENTURE PARTNERS

“Giving back to others is a priority, especially to youth who have experience­d hardships but persevered in spite of them. The Associatio­n’s work is close to my heart, and I look forward to being able to interact with even more students as they work toward their dreams.”

Rajesh Subramania­m President and CEO FEDEX CORPORATIO­N

“I strongly believe that through hard work and perseveran­ce, one can overcome adversity to achieve success. It is a privilege to accept membership into the Horatio Alger Associatio­n, an organizati­on whose mission reflects this ideal.”

S. Donald Sussman Founder and Chairman PALOMA PARTNERS

“I truly believe that education is a stepping stone to a better future, so throughout the years, I have searched for ways to give back to organizati­ons that make college more financiall­y accessible for those who wish to pursue it. The Horatio Alger Associatio­n is a wonderful example of the impact we can make on future generation­s.”

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