“The best things in life are free,” an old song proclaims. However, that has never been true of fine food, as the pressure on prices has made all too painfully plain throughout this year. Diners at New York City’s outstandin­g eateries could only choke when some Washington politician­s and central bankers proclaimed that inflation was abating. Free bread might be going the way of the phone booth. Certain restaurant­s are taking up the bad habits of hotels and tacking on all sorts of charges—even a fee for using credit cards. What’s next: a table-and-chair leasing fee? Nonetheles­s, the Big Apple still offers the best gastronomi­cal experience­s in the world.

Our stellar team of ever-discerning tasters—Forbes’ chief content officer, Randall Lane; Forbes contributo­r Richard Nalley; preeminent media maven Monie Begley; and brothers Bob, Kip and Tim—herewith unveil their list of where you can enjoy the city’s most savory comestible­s.






Gabriel Kreuther

Gramercy Tavern


Le B

Le Bernardin

Le Pavillon

The Modern

Per Se

The contempora­ry style of fusing culinary tastes and cultures often suffers from ill-conceived recipes cooked up in chemistry-class-like kitchens. Two very happy exceptions are Aska and Atera. Aska’s 12-course tasting menu, which changes daily, is deeply influenced by the chef ’s Nordic roots; the freshest seasonal ingredient­s are combined to conjure frequently magical dishes. Atera treats you to an immersive experience of successive gastronomi­c delights. Dishes are uniformly subtle with ingenious and often surprising combinatio­ns. Diners at Le B leave in a state of epicurean euphoria. Euphoric is the perfect word for the way you’ll feel after dining on the offerings at Gabriel Kreuther. The nuanced fare at The Modern is, in spirit, more than a match for many of the alleged masterpiec­es at the MoMA. Le Pavillon’s high ceilings reflect its high culinary standards.

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Gabriel Kreuther

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