Age: 26 • Founder, Good Gamers


Exhausted after working long night shifts as a nurse in the Covid unit at the University of Virginia Medical Center, Johnson logged into the hit multiplaye­r game Fortnite to relax. Using the platform’s creator tools, he designed new popular minigames like Go Goated, an intense, zonebased shootout that garnered 500 million plays in 2022, turning his hobby into a full-time job. Last March, Fortnite’s parent company, Epic Games, began distributi­ng a small percentage of the game’s $6 billion in annual revenue to creators like Johnson, and within six months, it had paid $120 million to 13,000 creators. Eighty-five percent of them made less than $100, but Johnson is on track to make an estimated $8 million in 2023. And he’s scaling. His startup, Good Gamers, now employs six freelance developers to produce Fortnite games like Teddy, where players try to escape a monstrous stuffed bear, and Food Fight, featuring hamburgers battling tomatoes. “There’s a huge market for this, and we can grow astronomic­ally,” he says.


Sara Alfageeh, 27


One More Multiverse

Ben Awad, 26

Linda Chen, 26

Cofounders, Voidpet

Brian Awadis, 27

Creator, FaZe Clan

Melanie Capone, 23

Player, Version1

Tarik Celik, 27

Creator, Sentinels

Cody Conrod, 18


Makenzie De Armas, 25

Game Designer,

Wizards of the Coast

Danielle Fox, 29

Director, Flyquest

Wolfe Glick, 28


Josh Glodoveza, 20

Cofounder, Panel

Victoria Horsley, 28

Global Competitio­n Manager, Valorant,

Riot Games

Cameron Hozouri, 23

Kian Hozouri, 26

Cofounders, ByteBrew

Karl Jacobs, 25

Forrest Waldron, 26

Cofounders, Pixel Playground

Dylan Johnson, 26

Founder, Good Gamers

Mari Kyle, 29

Senior Game Producer, Meta

Benjamin Lander, 29

Lead Art Producer,

Epic Games

Victoria Leary, 28

Global Subscripti­on Optimizati­on Manager, Sony Interactiv­e Entertainm­ent

Morgan Ling, 29

Product Lead,

Amazon Games Studios

Xalavier Nelson Jr., 26

Founder, Strange Scaffold

Ally Parker, 23

Founder, The WxC

Emily Pitcher, 24

Founder, Sondering Studio

Levy Rozman, 28

Founder, GothamChes­s

Nate Schanker, 22

Cofounder, M80

Abhi Shah, 29

Director, 2K Games

Abby Sherlock, 26

Associate Game Producer, Riot Games

Anne Shoemaker, 24

Cofounder, Fullflower Studio

Alex Singer, 22

Founder, Voldex

Alexandra Takei, 28

Business Director,

Ruckus Games

Alex Vanover, 23

FPV Drone Pilot, VannyStyle

Lia Zhang, 28

Investor, Makers Fund

JUDGES: Moritz Baier-Lentz, partner, Lightspeed Ventures; Christine Chi, head coach, Valorant, Evil Geniuses; Alex Gonzalez, head of luminosity, Enthusiast Gaming; Ali “SypherPK” Hassan, cofounder, Oni Studios

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