Age: 29 • Cofounder, Patch


This former Shopify web developer is applying the e-commerce playbook to climate change. In 2020, Spellacy cofounded Patch, a climate-tech platform that enables do-gooder companies to browse and buy carbon credits from more than 50 project developers that list their climate projects— everything from ocean carbon removal to forest protection— on the site. He has secured $84 million in funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and counts more than 400 companies as customers, including software business AutoDesk. In April, San Francisco–based Patch launched an operating system for carbon credit suppliers to easily manage their inventory, logging sales without time-consuming paperwork. Some 440 million tons of credits are currently managed on the platform. Says Spellacy, “I’m a really big believer that markets got us into this problem and are what’s going to drive us out of this problem.”


Fiyi Adebekun, 23

Jared Boisvert, 22

Prosser Cathey, 22

Benji Grossman, 23

Hudson Hooper, 22

Cofounders, Voltic

Amy Andrews, 29

Hydrogen Process

Engineer, BP

Michael Arens, 25

David Constantin­e, 24

Cofounders, Clean

Earth Rovers

Ryan Babaie, 28

Jared Duncan, 26

Alex Nussey, 27

Cofounders, Wattch

Marissa Beatty, 29

Founder, Turnover Labs

Shiv Bhakta, 28

Cofounder, Active Surfaces

Lin Sun Fa, 24

Dwi Sutandar, 26

Cofounders, AeonCharge

Atticus Francken, 29

Cofounder, Econergy

Vida Gabriel, 28

Cofounder, TerraFixin­g

Mars Garza, 25

Marley Rafson, 28

Cofounders, Alcove

Asher Genoot, 29

Cofounder, US Bitcoin Corp.

Sarah Beth Gleeson, 23 Shoshana Weintraub, 24 Julia Yan, 23

Cofounders, Baleena

Abhay Gupta, 29

Senior Cell Materials Engineer, Tesla

Claudia Herbert Colfer, 29

Head of Programmin­g, United Nations Global Compact Network USA

Kiana Kazemi, 24

Leah Thomas, 29

Cofounders, Intersecti­onal Environmen­talist

Alex Kosyakov, 22

Thomas Rouffiac, 22

Cofounders, Natrion

Hassan Lantry, 27

Sami El Bouari, 27

Cofounder, Evoly

Drew Lilley, 28

Cofounder, Calion Technologi­es

Marcus Lima, 26

Cofounder, Heimdal

Matt Lohstroh, 25

Brent Whitehead, 25

Cofounders, Giga Energy

Gurinder Nagra, 29

Founder, Furno Materials

Brian Pinkard, 29

Cofounder, Aquagga

Marisa Reddy, 29

Cofounder, Conduit Tech

Kara Rodby, 29

Technical Principal,

Volta Energy Technologi­es

Keeton Ross, 29

Cofounder, Holocene

Eric Sheng, 26

Brian Sheng, 29

Cofounders, Aquaria

Brennan Spellacy, 29

Cofounder, Patch

Grace Stanke, 21

Miss America 2023

Allison Ward, 28

Senior Sustainabl­e Materials Engineer, Dell Technologi­es

Ryan Zeiser, 28

Cofounder, onCORE Originatio­n

JUDGES: Nathalie Capati, cofounder, Jasmine Energy; Dr. Etosha Cave, founder, Twelve; Aaron Jagdfeld, founder, Generac; Sarah Sclarsic, cofounder, Voyager VC

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