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Miami-born Victoriano wants to update telenovela­s, those old-school Latin American TV soap operas, for the 21st century through her podcast company, Sonoro. Launched in 2020, Los Angeles–based Sonoro partners with more than 300 Latino storytelle­rs to develop podcast series in English, Spanish and Spanglish. “We felt the telenovela was due for a bit of a refresh,” says Victoriano, who previously helped launch the popular Dirty John podcast at the Los Angeles Times. It seems to be working: Sonoro’s 172 titles, which include hits like Princess of South Beach and Tejana, average more than 31 million monthly downloads. Their next venture: the big screen. Backed by $13 million in funding, Sonoro has secured deals with Paramount+ and Netflix and now has a half-dozen podcasts being adapted for TV and film. “The toughest part is sometimes Latinos are still seen as niche, but there’s 60 million in the U.S.—660 million around the world,” Victoriano says. “So for us . . . the mission can be the revenue.”


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