Age: 28 • Founder, Parallel Learning


Doctors, therapists, yoga teachers have gone virtual. Why not special education teachers? Heldfond’s New York–based edtech startup, Parallel Learning, uses its software to connect more than 100 school districts with 150 licensed special ed profession­als including speech pathologis­ts, social workers and therapists. “We tailor our services for students to reach their goals. It’s a very personaliz­ed approach,” says Heldfond, who was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at 7 years old. Her software helps schools save time and money by automating assessment tests and tedious state-mandated paperwork. Heldfond launched the company in 2021 and has since raised $22.8 million in funding from investors including Tiger Global and Obvious Ventures.


Pedro de Almeida, 25 Matthew Barron, 26

Cofounders, Cariina

Kerry Ao, 19

Naina Muvva, 19

Cofounders, Intertwine­d

Ethan Binder, 27

Erik Laucks, 24

Zura Mestiashvi­li, 25

Cofounders, GoPeer

Sasha Bratyshkin, 27

Cofounder, Housing.Cloud

Travis Chen, 24

Brian Femminella, 23

Cofounders, SoundMind

Brian Curcio, 29

Myles Gage, 29

Cofounders, Rapunzl

Archika Dogra, 21

Founder, Innoverge

Amanda Grennan, 23 Madeline Hilliard, 24

Cofounders, DopaGE

Diana Heldfond, 28

Founder, Parallel Learning

Vishnu Indukuri, 28

Sam Walder, 29

Cofounders, Trala

Chelsea Jeon, 29

Ryan Jeon, 25

Cofounders, Immigo

Jui Khankari, 19

Founder, AInspire

Jaloree Lantigua, 26

Founder, Stream Technologi­es

Alliyah Logan, 21

Cofounder, Cultivate

Global Education

Peter Luba, 24

Dhruv Sringari, 23

Cofounders, SmartPass

Niko McCarty, 29

Learning Specialist, MIT

Tony Morales, 29

Daniel Santos, 29

Cofounders, Prepory

Sri Narayanan, 24

Cofounder, Kodely

Meghna Pramoda, 16

Siona Pramoda, 15

Vineeth Veeramacha­neni, 22

Cofounders, SafeTeensO­nline

Ceri Riley, 29

Cofounder, SciShow Tangents

Tim Rosenberge­r, 29

Founder, Atlas

Education Fund

Jacqueline Sánchez, 26

Legislativ­e Liaison,

New Mexico Public

Education Department

Parth Shah, 24

CEO, LearningFu­ze

Justin Shaifer, 29

Founder, Fascinate Media

Jessica Shelley, 29

Cofounder, Dailies

Brittany Sinitch, 28

Founder, The Unbreakabl­e Organizati­on

Savannah Smith, 26

Ebony Welborn, 28

Cofounders, Sea Potential

Dashiell Young-Saver, 29

Founder, Skew the Script

Tessa Zimmerman, 28

Founder, Upstream Education

Rania Zuri, 18

Founder, The LiTEArary Society JUDGES: Dan Carroll, cofounder, Clever; Katelyn Donnelly, founder, Avalanche VC; Andrew Grauer, cofounder, Learneo

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