Age: 27 • Cofounder, Lula


Twins Matthew and Michael Vega-Sanz dropped out of Babson College in 2018 to build a car-sharing app—then Covid-19 totaled it. “We had negative $2,800 in the bank and a dead startup. We felt like absolute failures,” says Matthew, the startup’s CEO. But the setback was just a detour to a bigger business. Their new startup, Lula, helps almost 5,000 logistics and car rental companies build flexible insurance packages to reduce premiums, such as offering pay-per-day insurance for trucking fleets, car sharing and daily rentals. Coming soon: AI to sell the insurance. They count Flexport, the unicorn shipping company, among their customers and have $45 million in funding from folks like Founders Fund and Khosla Ventures. The firstgener­ation Americans see it as their duty to take big risks. “Founders, especially here in the United States, have the privilege to be crazy,” Matthew says. “I think about our family in Cuba, where being crazy gets you locked up as a political prisoner.”


Katherine Allen, 28 Atreya Misra, 27

Cofounders, Flo Recruit

Natalie Amling, 25 McKenzie Kennelly, 25 Olivia Weinstock, 24

Cofounders, Tandem

Josh Archer, 29

Rachel Lea Fishman, 29

Cofounders, Arketa

Lisa-Marie Assenza, 29 Natasha Trueman, 29

Cofounders, Impacked

Harrison Chase, 29

Cofounder, LangChain

Kunal Chaudhary, 28

Cofounder, Banner

Benjamin Cohen, 26


Sam Crowther, 28

Founder, Kasada

Akshaya Dinesh, 23

Founder, Spellbound

Brandon Duderstadt, 27 Andriy Mulyar, 24

Cofounders, Nomic

Volodymyr Fedoriv, 25 Nurasyl Serik, 29

Cofounders, Remofirst

Alexandra Griffon, 29

Cofounder, BlueCargo

Prasad Kawthekar, 29 Praty Sharma, 29

Cofounders, Dashworks

Shannon Kay, 29

Nick Ornitz, 29

Cofounders, Topline Pro

Jerry Liu, 28

Simon Suo, 28

Cofounders, LlamaIndex

Nicolas Machado, 25 Robert Ross, 24

Nebyou Zewde, 24

Cofounders, Lume

Ashe Magalhaes, 29

Founder, Hearth AI

Rani Mavram, 26

Cofounder, Complete

Maxwell Nye, 28

Kelsey Szot, 28

Cofounders, Adept

Hannah Olson, 27

Cofounder, Disclo

Kojin Oshiba, 28


Robust Intelligen­ce

Milan Ray, 24

Yacine Sibous, 28

Cofounders, Parker

Neil Serebryany, 25

Cofounder, CalypsoAI

George Sivulka, 25

Founder, Hebbia AI

JJ Tang, 28

Cofounder, Rootly

Matthew Vega-Sanz, 27 Michael Vega-Sanz, 27

Cofounders, Lula

Winston Weinberg, 29

Cofounder, Harvey AI

Alexander Whatley, 27 Daniel Whatley, 24

Cofounders, Vividly

Glen Wise, 28

Cofounder, Cinder

Mike Yu, 28

Cofounder, Vesta JUDGES: Navin Chaddha, managing director, Mayfield Fund; Thomas Dohmke, CEO, GitHub; Bernadette Nixon, CEO, Algolia; Josh Reeves, cofounder, Gusto

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