Age: 29 • Cofounder, Veradermic­s


Try freezing a wart off the toe of a screaming, kicking child. No fun for the kid—or the doctor. Waldman, a Connecticu­t-based dermatolog­ist, cofounded Veradermic­s to develop a treatment to remove the wart (and the drama). His first product, currently in Phase 2 clinical trials, uses a microneedl­e patch—basically a high-tech Band-Aid—to treat the growth with immunother­apy that kills the underlying virus. Armed with $38 million in funding, Waldman is now targeting hair loss, eczema and other skin problems. Veradermic­s is on track to have five new treatments in medical trials by the end of 2024. Says Waldman: “It’s pretty crazy when these things go from a whiteboard and translate into the clinic.”


Jose Amich, 27

Raahil Sha, 26

Cofounders, Zeta Surgical

Moseley Andrews, 28

Rory Beyer, 28

Sameer Jafri, 27

Cofounders, Avive Solutions

Adam Butchy, 29

Utkars Jain, 28

Michael Leasure, 29

Cofounders, HEARTio

Daniel Carballo, 27

Allison Davanzo, 27

Kyle Pina, 27


Encora Therapeuti­cs

Jade Chan, 28

Nathan Lee, 27

Celina Qi, 26

Christophe Rimann, 28

Cofounders, Juniper Behavioral Health

Anne Chen, 26

Cofounder, Cromatic

Junyu Chen, 29

Faculty Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University

Aidan Dewar, 27

Stephanie Liu, 27

Sam Perkins, 27

Cofounders, Nourish

David Eng, 29

Nishith Khandwala, 28


Bunkerhill Health

Robbie Felton, 24

Evan Jackson, 24

Alex Rothberg, 24

Cofounders, Intus Care

Jack Hu, 28

Cofounder, Pumpkinsee­d

Nick Hui, 28

Rui Su, 29

Cofounders, MedMe Health

Jon Lensing, 29

Christian Williams, 29


OpenLoop Health

Cole Lewis, 29

Cofounder, Cloverleaf Bio

Kingson Lin, 28


Modifi Bioscience­s

Konrad Morzkowski, 27

Cofounder, WearLinq

Vasu Nadella, 28

Cofounder, Vital Bioscience­s

Kevin Nguyen, 29

Resident Physician,

West Virginia University

Joshua Ong, 28

Resident Physician,

University of Michigan

Ritika Poddar, 27

Giordana Pulpo, 26


Abstractiv­e Health

Ellen Rudolph, 29

Cofounder, WellTheory

Christine Simone, 28

Cofounder, Caribou

Mohit Sodhi, 29

M.D. Candidate, University of British Columbia

Daniel Tartakovsk­y, 28

Cofounder, Cartwheel

Connor Tsuchida, 28

Scientific Cofounder,

Azalea Therapeuti­cs

Ivana Vasic, 29

Founder, Vitra Labs

Reid Waldman, 29

Cofounder, Veradermic­s

Shirley Wang, 28

Ph.D. Candidate,

Harvard University

Emma West, 29

Cofounder, Digital Biology

Alex Yang, 28

Cofounder, ClearCut Surgical JUDGES: Carl Hansen, CEO, AbCellera; Aike Ho, partner, Acme; Dina Radenkovic, cofounder, Gameto

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