Nestlé Helped 30,000 U.S. Workers Access Personaliz­ed Mental Health Support

- WITH INSIGHTS FROM Judy Cascapera Chief People Officer, Nestlé North America

When Nestlé leaders heard employees were struggling to get appointmen­ts with backlogged therapists in 2021, they quickly took action—partnering with a digital mental health platform to support a massive workforce dispersed across 28 states.

“Well-being looks different for everybody, and it’s challengin­g to accommodat­e the individual needs of a workforce of this size and

scale,” says Judy Cascapera, Nestlé’s chief people officer for North

America. “But coming out of the pandemic, we knew we had to reevaluate access to mental health resources.” The platform features personaliz­ed health screenings, on-demand coaching and curated

provider lists to match staff with therapists that meet specific needs,

whether they’re navigating depression, chronic illness or parenthood.

Collaborat­ing with peer-to-peer employee resource groups (ERGs) is another way Nestlé stays tuned in to its workforce, which Cascapera says spans five generation­s. Its Pride ERG, for instance, encouraged more equitable benefits, like access to LGBTQ+-friendly medical providers and a gender-neutral parental leave policy.

Additional­ly, Nestlé rolled out a lifestyle spending account in 2022 that gives employees $500 a year to spend on whatever wellness or childcare expenses they see fit. “We had a strong program but needed more flexibilit­y,” Cascapera says. “The Scorecard helps us benchmark our offerings and keeps us constantly thinking about how to best support our employees so they can bring their best selves to work.”

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