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What did Thomas Edison have that Nikola Tesla didn’t? Well, the la tter died pen­ni­less. And Edison had wha t pro­fes­sors Jeff Dyer of Brigham Young Univer­sity and Nathan Furr of INSEAD busi­ness school call inno va­tion cap­i­tal. Dyer and Furr have ranked the leader s with the gr eat­est in­no­va­tion cap­i­tal to­day by mea­sur­ing f our essential qual­i­ties: rep­u­ta­tion for in­no­va­tion ( look­ing at me­dia c over­age over five years), so­cial c on­nec­tions and ne tworks ( on Twit­ter and Linkedin), track record for value cre­ation ( based on the mark et value growth of their c om­pa­nies) and in­vestor ex­pec­ta­tions for fu­ture value cre­ation ( mea­sured by the pre­mium in­vestors put on their c om­pa­nies’ stock). Here are the t en top fin­isher s; Forbes will pub­lish a full lis t of the 100 mos t in­no­va­tive lead­ers in 20 19.

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