The Oc­cu­pied

Craig Par­shall

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Tyn­dale Hard­cover $22.99 (448pp) 978-1-4964-1918-7

This book is the an­swer for those seek­ing Chris­tian al­ter­na­tives to pop­u­lar crime thrillers.

The Oc­cu­pied, by Craig Par­shall, is a spiritual thriller that res­ur­rects the lone-wolf hero and gives him a mis­sion from God. Half mod­ern crime drama, half Chris­tian su­per­hero ori­gin story, Trevor Black’s tale takes plenty of grim turns that force him to come to grips with his place in a holy war.

A man who has dealt with his fair share of hard knocks, Trevor Black sur­vives a tem­pes­tu­ous child­hood in ru­ral Wis­con­sin and emerges as a high-pow­ered crim­i­nal de­fense at­tor­ney in a New York law firm. How­ever, the cracks start show­ing in his seem­ingly per­fect life, and, when things ex­plode, Trevor loses ev­ery­thing, only to gain in­sight into a spiritual realm teem­ing with darkness bent on his de­struc­tion. In or­der to es­cape, he must go back to the place where he started and fig­ure out how to make a stand.

Trevor is a deeply flawed man who tries to learn from his mis­takes, too of­ten once the dam­age is cat­a­strophic and noth­ing more can be done. In this way and oth­ers, his spiritual con­ver­sion shares more with comic-book he­roes than spiritual con­verts or prac­ti­tion­ers of deep faith. His pow­ers de­scend on him un­wit­tingly; in a mo­ment of cri­sis, he mum­bles a prayer and emerges a spiritual war­rior able to see and smell demons. His world turned up­side down, he jet­ti­sons much of his life, but, un­like his new abil­i­ties, new habits of at­ti­tude, ac­tion, and thought are slow to man­i­fest. Al­though he’s on the side of right, right of­ten looks like some­thing akin to the so­cial norms of fifty years ago.

This book is the an­swer for those seek­ing Chris­tian al­ter­na­tives to pop­u­lar crime thrillers. A dash of the su­per­nat­u­ral ups the ante, mak­ing for a grim and griz­zly string of mur­ders in this first in­stall­ment of the Trevor Black nov­els.

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