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Jen­nifer Brody, Turner Pub­lish­ing Soft­cover $14.95 (432pp), 978-1-68162-258-3

Lik­able char­ac­ters, an in­tri­cate world, and imag­i­na­tive set­tings com­bine to make a sat­is­fy­ing young-adult read in Jen­nifer Brody’s Re­turn of the Continuums, the sec­ond book of the dystopian Con­tin­uum se­ries.

A mil­len­nium ago, a cat­a­clysmic event made Earth’s sur­face un­in­hab­it­able. Sur­vivors were se­lected to carry on the hu­man race in thir­teen en­closed, iso­lated, and self-sus­tain­ing habi­tats, some placed un­der­ground, some be­neath the ocean floor, and some in space. With­out com­mu­ni­ca­tion or even knowl­edge of the other continuums, each so­ci­ety has fol­lowed a dif­fer­ent path.

Hero­ine Myra es­caped the re­li­gious dic­ta­tor­ship of the un­der­sea 13th Con­tin­uum in or­der to search for oxy­gen, which her colony was run­ning out of. On the quest, she met and joined forces with Aero, a young sol­dier from the space-based mil­i­taris­tic 2nd Con­tin­uum. Re­turn of the Continuums finds Myra and those who es­caped with her on the sur­face of the Earth, a ter­rain pre­vi­ously thought to be noth­ing more than myth. Here they meet a third ma­jor char­ac­ter, Seeker, a claw-bear­ing, fur-bear­ing fe­male from yet an­other Con­tin­uum. Aero is also some­where on the Sur­face, but de­spite the strong men­tal con­nec­tion they formed in the ear­lier book, Myra can­not lo­cate him. With the in­tro­duc­tion of Aero and Seeker, Myra’s sim­ple search for oxy­gen has grown into a mis­sion to abol­ish the re­stric­tive Continuums and reunite the peo­ple of Earth. Adding sus­pense to the plot is the grow­ing at­trac­tion be­tween Myra and Aero, whose in­doc­tri­na­tion for­bids emo­tional at­tach­ment of any sort. Readers who thrive on dystopi­ana will be turn­ing the pages to see where it will all lead.

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