Crack­ing the Code to a Suc­cess­ful In­ter­view: 15 In­sider Se­crets from a Top-level Recruiter

Evan G. Pel­lett

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Black­stone Pub­lish­ing Soft­cover $14.95 (111pp) 978-1-4417-0053-7 Nicely struc­tured, well writ­ten, and au­thor­i­ta­tive, Crack­ing the Code is a must for any job seeker.

“Qual­i­fied peo­ple aren’t get­ting the jobs they should be­cause they don’t know how to in­ter­view,” writes Evan Pel­lett, whose Crack­ing the Code pro­vides an eight-step process to suc­ceed at in­ter­view­ing, as well as fif­teen “in­sider se­crets” from a recruiter’s per­spec­tive.

The book pin­points the most se­ri­ous er­rors in­ter­vie­wees make and, per­haps more im­por­tantly, ex­plores the ins and outs of in­ter­view­ing from the point of view of the in­ter­viewer.

Pel­lett’s process, clev­erly named “REAPRICH,” stands for Re­sults, En­ergy, At­ti­tude, Process, Re­la­tion­ships, In­ter­view the In­ter­viewer, Close the In­ter­viewer, and Hu­man­ity. Each of th­ese steps is ex­plained in just enough de­tail, with ex­am­ples where ap­pro­pri­ate, and ends with a “work­sheet” ex­er­cise to re­in­force con­cepts. The eight steps make it easy to fo­cus on the be­fore, dur­ing, and after of an in­ter­view.

Pel­lett is help­fully spe­cific in his ad­vice; for ex­am­ple, he writes that in­ter­view­ers want to know three things about an in­ter­vie­wee’s re­la­tion­ships: “that you’re able to build them,” that you can “sus­tain those re­la­tion­ships,” and that “you will bring new and ben­e­fi­cial re­la­tion­ships to their com­pany.” Such in­sights are sure to be ex­tremely valu­able to any job seeker, even one who might think them­selves ex­pe­ri­enced at be­ing in­ter­viewed. The au­thor’s in­sider tips are equally ben­e­fi­cial:

Many com­pa­nies won’t give you the job if you don’t close the deal by ask­ing for it. Hiring man­agers feel that if you don’t have the courage to ask for the job, you won’t have the courage to ask cus­tomers for their busi­ness. They also may feel that you won’t be able to ask tough, di­rect ques­tions when needed.

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