The Ad­ven­tures of Kung Fu Ro­bot

How to Make a Peanut But­ter, Jelly & Kung Fu Sand­wich

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Ja­son Bays, An­drews Mcmeel Pub­lish­ing Soft­cover $9.99 (208pp), 978-1-4494-7963-3

A ro­bot who knows Kung Fu and loves peanut but­ter and jelly sand­wiches bat­tles a chicken who aims to, of course, steal all the peanut but­ter and jelly he can find, in The Ad­ven­tures of Kung Fu Ro­bot: How to Make a Peanut But­ter, Jelly & Kung Fu Sand­wich, by Ja­son Bays.

If that sounds a bit wacky, it is—kung Fu Ro­bot be­gan as an app that’s now been down­loaded over half a mil­lion times, with games like “Whack-a-ninja” and “Uni­cy­cle Race.” The games aren’t par­tic­u­larly orig­i­nal in their ba­sic ex­e­cu­tion, but they’re done with great style, out­stand­ing art, and an off­beat sense of hu­mor, and the same can be said about the story told in the graphic novel.

Kung Fu Ro­bot and his best friend and side­kick, a nine-year-old boy named Marvin, bat­tle against a horde of nin­jas and their com­man­der, the evil Kung Pow Chicken, who is be­hind a se­ries of peanut but­ter and jelly thefts. The book is heavy on ac­tion, which keeps things sim­ple and fast-moving, and also gives the op­por­tu­nity to show off some aug­mented re­al­ity fea­tures. By down­load­ing the free app and us­ing the “Kung Fu Vi­sion” fea­ture, spe­cial add-ons, sound ef­fects, and games can be un­locked by scan­ning the ap­pro­pri­ate page in the book.

The di­a­logue is fast-paced too, with on­go­ing commentary by Kung Fu Ro­bot, in­clud­ing amus­ing lit­tle asides like “That worked out dif­fer­ently in my head.” Why does a ro­bot need to eat any­thing, let alone PB&J sand­wiches? It’s not im­por­tant, be­cause the pri­mary goal of The Ad­ven­tures of Kung Fu Ro­bot is eas­ily for­get­table fun, which it de­liv­ers, in loads—the per­fect recipe for the eightto twelve-year-old in­tended au­di­ence.

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