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What is it that makes teenagers and mytho­log­i­cal be­ings such a per­fect YA fit?

When you’re a teen, you’re bom­barded by ques­tions of iden­tity— who are you be­com­ing? Who are you now? Some­times you just need to take a break. Yes, we all have to be­come adults, we all have to sur­vive the day to day of high school. But isn’t it more fun to imag­ine your­self run­ning in the woods as a wolf?

Where do you find the most com­mon ground with your char­ac­ters?

Nessa is mo­ti­vated by con­cern for the peo­ple around her. She loves her mom, her si­b­lings, her friends. As a wolf, be­ing part of a pack means a great deal to her. That’s me too—my pack means the world.

What is next for Nessa?

Look for Nessa to get even stronger as she over­comes loss and hones new pow­ers. Look for more sci­ence, more fam­ily, and for sure more of the nat­u­ral world.

What, in your opin­ion, is spe­cial about this series?

I love the idea that Nessa is strong. So of­ten in fic­tion, girl char­ac­ters are pas­sive, but Nessa makes things hap­pen—she’s a fighter. She also feels grounded and real. The story res­onates for me be­cause the world is not fu­tur­is­tic or strange, and makes it feel like there could be were­wolves in your own high school, or maybe even that the next one could be you.

Chimera seems to em­pha­size con­nect­ed­ness and com­mu­nity more than other genre ti­tles. Is there a les­son there for young read­ers?

Wolves are pack an­i­mals and we love that about them. Hu­mans needs to have a pack as well—re­search shows that iso­la­tion is ter­ri­ble for our men­tal health. That said, com­mu­nity on a large scale can be com­pli­cated. In Chimera, Nessa has the op­por­tu­nity to ne­go­ti­ate friend­ship, pack, fam­ily, and town dy­nam­ics. We didn’t write it to be a les­son but if it cre­ates a headspace where a reader bet­ter un­der­stands their own need for con­nec­tion and some tech­niques for keep­ing those con­nec­tions strong, we would be thrilled.

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