Blood Truth

Matt Coyle

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Ocean­view Pub­lish­ing (DE­CEM­BER) Hard­cover $26.95 (368pp) 978-1-60809-239-0

Blood Truth builds up com­pelling mys­ter­ies and thun­ders to­ward a sur­pris­ing end­ing.

Matt Coyle’s en­gross­ing noir thriller Blood Truth finds Rick Cahill dredg­ing up fam­ily mys­ter­ies while solv­ing a seem­ingly sim­ple cheat­ing-hus­band case; it is a work that is dif­fi­cult to put down.

Nearly thirty years af­ter his dis­graced fa­ther got booted off the force, Cahill dis­cov­ers a safe hid­den in their old fam­ily home. It holds an en­ve­lope stuffed with cash, a po­ten­tial mur­der weapon miss­ing ex­actly two bul­lets, and the key to a safety de­posit box.

Be­fore he can fully delve into the mys­tery, Cahill’s ex-girl­friend hires him to fol­low her new hus­band and get proof of in­fi­delity. A web of in­trigue en­snares Cahill, plac­ing him in the crosshairs. With his life on the line, Cahill rushes head­long af­ter jus­tice.

De­spite be­ing the fourth book in a series, Blood Truth is in­cred­i­bly ac­ces­si­ble and func­tions al­most as a stand­alone ad­ven­ture. It builds upon pre­vi­ous books, but con­text is sup­plied sub­tly, with­out ham­per­ing the flow.

Cahill is a fan­tas­tic ad­di­tion to the PI lit­er­ary canon. He’s a sym­pa­thetic char­ac­ter with deep flaws but an un­nerv­ing drive to find truth at any cost. He lives by his fa­ther’s oft-quoted motto: “We can’t quit just be­cause things get hard.”

Plot and pac­ing shine. There are few quiet mo­ments in the book, as Cahill is al­ways on

his way to con­front some­one, re­cov­er­ing from a colos­sal mis­step, or gath­er­ing ev­i­dence to fig­ure out the next mis­take to make. That’s not to say that Cahill bum­bles about; he learns quickly and adapts, but is al­ways a few steps be­hind the bad guys. The twin mys­ter­ies of his fa­ther’s hid­den safe and his ex-girl­friend’s cheat­ing hus­band seem to­tally sep­a­rate at first blush but quickly be­come deeply in­ter­twined.

Ex­pertly writ­ten and fea­tur­ing a snarky and self-dep­re­cat­ing hero, Blood Truth builds up com­pelling mys­ter­ies and thun­ders to­ward a sat­is­fy­ing, if sur­pris­ing, end­ing.

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