The An­gry Chef’s Guide to Spot­ting Bullsh*t in the World of Food: Bad Sci­ence and the Truth About Healthy Eat­ing

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An­thony Warner The Ex­per­i­ment (APRIL) Soft­cover $15.95 (336pp) 978-1-61519-460-5

Ad­vice on di­ets and nu­tri­tion is plen­ti­ful, par­tic­u­larly on the in­ter­net; fig­ur­ing out what ad­vice to fol­low is con­fus­ing. In The An­gry Chef’s Guide, An­thony Warner pro­vides clear rules to help de­ter­mine when di­etary ad­vice is best ig­nored.

Di­vided into five parts, the book lays out a clear and con­vinc­ing ar­gu­ment against fad di­ets. Each sec­tion aims to de­bunk spe­cific di­etary be­liefs, such as the power of su­per­foods and the dan­gers of cut­ting whole food cat­e­gories from one’s diet.

The book does not of­fer solutions or pro­vide counter-rec­om­men­da­tions. In­stead, its fo­cus is on the fal­la­cies of psue­do­science and on rec­og­niz­ing po­ten­tially harm­ful rec­om­men­da­tions. The im­por­tance of crit­i­cal thinking, trust­ing the sci­en­tific method, and un­der­stand­ing that cor­re­la­tion does not equal cau­sa­tion are heav­ily em­pha­sized.

Warner is a chef with a back­ground in bio­chem­istry. The sci­en­tific ex­pla­na­tions in the book clearly re­flect that knowl­edge base and are fairly de­tailed, though his writ­ing is con­ver­sa­tional and pep­pered with ob­scen­i­ties. This makes for read­ing that is both in­for­ma­tive and amus­ing.

The book takes aim at some very pop­u­lar pro­grams, in­clud­ing the GAPS and pa­leo di­ets. It also crit­i­cizes celebri­ties such as Gwyneth Pal­trow for en­dors­ing pro­grams with­out of­fer­ing any ev­i­dence to back up their claims. No per­son or plan is ex­empt from some po­tent crit­i­cism. The au­thor’s pas­sion for food is ob­vi­ous, as is his de­sire for log­i­cal thinking and eat­ing.

Though it may dis­ap­point those who are seek­ing an easy answer, The An­gry Chef’s Guide is full of log­i­cal, sci­ence-based in­for­ma­tion. Any­one who is over­whelmed by try­ing to make sense of the plethora of avail­able di­ets will find this book free­ing.

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