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For twenty years now, Foreword has been de­liv­er­ing long-form book re­views of in­de­pen­dently pub­lished books. We’ve worked hard to de­velop a core group of fifty skilled free­lance re­view­ers to write com­pe­tently about vir­tu­ally all sub­jects, whether books on Isaac New­ton’s laws of mo­tion, trans­gen­der teens, or Lao­tian cook­books. We’ve got spe­cial­ists in Cau­ca­sus his­tory, en­trepreneuri­al­ism, Eastern spir­i­tu­al­ity, and the sci­ence of cli­mate change. And then there’s first-rate lit­er­ary fic­tion, the soul of in­die pub­lish­ing, which calls to cer­tain of our re­view­ers like noth­ing else. Be­lieve you me, it takes some courage to write four hun­dred words on a book from one of the world’s best nov­el­ists.

Above all the dig­i­tal noise, we know that ob­jec­tive, un­bi­ased re­views are the in­dis­pens­able cur­rency of book pub­lish­ing. How else could li­brar­i­ans and book­sell­ers sat­isfy their pa­trons? But it all starts with au­thors, of course—the cos­mos of book pub­lish­ing re­volves around au­thors.

Aside from re­views, we’ve been ask­ing our­selves over the years, is there any­thing else we could be do­ing to cover great in­die books and au­thors?

And then the idea of Foreword Face Off oc­curred to us—free-rang­ing dis­cus­sions be­tween the au­thors of books that earned starred re­views in the mag­a­zine and the re­view­ers who penned the orig­i­nal re­views. We imag­ined high-minded lit­er­ary ex­changes, funny anec­dotes, hid­den anx­i­eties, work­ing habits, and so many other things we ad­mire about au­thors and the expert book peo­ple who re­view them.

As it hap­pens, we’re off and run­ning with these in­ter­views in Foreword

This Week, our dig­i­tal news­let­ter, in ad­di­tion to weekly blogs on the Foreword web­site, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the na­ture of the con­ver­sa­tions. Here’s a quick par­tial list of the books and au­thors our re­view­ers have in­ter­viewed just in the past cou­ple months: Rice

Boy’s au­thor, Evan Dahm; An­drea Lawlor, au­thor of Paul Takes the Form of a Mor­tal Girl; The Meta­bolic Ap­proach to Cancer’s au­thor, Dr. Nasha Win­ters; Pam Jones, au­thor of An­der­matt County; Mir­a­cle Brew: Hops, Bar­ley, Wa­ter, Yeast and the Na­ture of Beer’s Pete Brown; Chef Sean Sher­man’s The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen; and The Real Life of the Parthenon’s Pa­tri­cia Vig­der­man.

It’s great stuff, and I cer­tainly hope you can find a quiet minute to check them out on the web­site, or bet­ter yet, sign up for Foreword This Week.

Let me know what you think. Have a great spring.

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