Letters from New York

Mak­ing Pic­tures with the A-B-C

Foreword Reviews - - Spotlight Reviews - BY PAL­LAS GATES MCCORQUODALE

Ma­ree Coote, Mel­bournestyle Books (MAY) Hard­cover $17.99 (24pp), 978-0-9924917-6-5

The al­pha­bet emerges from fa­mous sights and sounds in New York City. This rhyth­mic tour takes vis­ual poetry to a new level. Chil­dren are en­cour­aged to spell out the names of well-known build­ings, bridges, and peo­ple while search­ing amid boldly hued shape art made of in­di­vid­ual up­per- and low­er­case letters. Find a squir­rel with a let­ter S tail or the T de­pict­ing Lib­erty’s torch, all in vary­ing fan­ci­ful col­ors and fonts.

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