Life on Earth


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Heather Alexan­der An­dres Lozano (Il­lus­tra­tor) Wide Eyed Edi­tions (MARCH) Hard­cover $12.99 (16pp), 978-1-78603-055-9

For ev­ery child who has ever gazed at the night sky with won­der, the Life on Earth se­ries now has an­swers. One hun­dred ques­tions about stars, plan­ets, space travel, and the vast­ness of the uni­verse are or­ga­nized into over seventy thought­fully la­beled, col­or­ful boxes. With a sim­ple lift of the flap, bud­ding back­yard astronomers can dis­cover how close to Earth the near­est galaxy is or which an­i­mals have been sent to space.

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