Pure & Sim­ple: 17 Prim­i­tive Projects In­spired by the Sea­sons

Mag­gie Bo­nanomi

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Martin­gale (MAY) Soft­cover $27.99 (96pp) 978-1-60468-901-3

In Pure & Sim­ple, wool artist Mag­gie Bo­nanomi turns her rus­tic-chic de­sign eye to easy home projects.

The book’s sev­en­teen projects re­flect the nat­u­ral world, with items like birds, acorns, trees, and leaves as their sub­jects. They are small and por­ta­ble, easy to work on with­out cre­at­ing a mess, and de­signed to de­liver an ap­peal­ing fin­ished project with­out weeks of la­bor. Pin keeps, cell phone cases, soft sculp­tures, and ap­pliquéd blocks that can be joined to­gether to form larger items are in­cluded in the mix.

All projects are hand­crafted needle­work, us­ing ei­ther ap­pliqué work or the stitch­ing of pieces to­gether to form three-di­men­sional items. None re­quires a sewing ma­chine, and all are sim­ple enough for even in­ex­pe­ri­enced crafters to tackle. The projects are worked in wool, which, as the book points out, doesn’t un­ravel, al­low­ing crafters to get a clean edge with­out turn­ing un­der.

Com­plete, easy-to-fol­low in­struc­tions are given for ev­ery project, along with clearly marked pat­terns. Pat­tern pieces are ap­pro­pri­ately scaled to yield items as shown but could eas­ily be rescaled for a larger or smaller fin­ished item.

Novice crafters will find il­lus­trated in­struc­tions for us­ing stitches—along with but­tons and other items—as fin­ish­ing-touch de­sign el­e­ments. Ad­vice on ag­ing rib­bon to get an heir­loom look is also help­ful. All wool used in the projects comes from a sup­plier who spe­cial­izes in hand-dyed fabric, and source in­for­ma­tion for or­der­ing is given.

There are pho­to­graphs of ev­ery project, and ad­di­tional pho­to­graphs show­ing them in use as home decor. In ad­di­tion to giv­ing a sense of the fin­ished size of each project, the pho­to­graphs con­vey the warm, fire­lit glow of rus­tic-chic style.

Well con­ceived and clearly writ­ten, Mag­gie Bo­nanomi’s Pure & Sim­ple is a sure to en­tice and inspire a broad range of nee­dle crafters.

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