Ju­lia Watts, Three Rooms Press (OC­TO­BER) Soft­cover $15.95 (324pp) 978-1-941110-66-9

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Quiver is a com­pelling story about an un­likely friend­ship be­tween two teens from very dif­fer­ent back­grounds.

Libby—the el­dest daugh­ter of her fam­ily, whose life is filled with Bi­ble study and help­ing care for her sib­lings—is lonely. When a new fam­ily with a child her age moves in next door, she is ea­ger to start a new friend­ship.

Zo’s fam­ily has re­lo­cated for a num­ber of rea­sons—one of which is so that Zo, who is a gen­der-fluid teen, can work through the de­pres­sion that de­vel­oped when hir sig­nif­i­cant other tried to in­sist that Zo choose a sin­gle gen­der iden­tity.

Libby has her en­tire life planned for her—to ques­tion that is to ques­tion the will of God. Zo, in con­trast, comes from a lov­ing fam­ily that fully sup­ports and ac­cepts hir. Though their world­views are a huge ob­sta­cle, Libby’s and Zo’s need for friend­ship com­pels them to try to get to know one an­other be­yond their sur­face dif­fer­ences.

The main char­ac­ters in Quiver are won­der­fully com­plex and relatable young peo­ple. Both defy the la­bels that so­ci­ety places on them. Their will­ing­ness to learn about and sup­port one an­other is a beau­ti­ful ex­am­ple of the ways in which kind­ness and open-mind­ed­ness can lead to un­der­stand­ing.

The book’s mes­sage of ac­cep­tance is clear from the first page to the last. Ul­ti­mately— though both fam­i­lies are try­ing to raise their chil­dren to be re­spon­si­ble, lov­ing adults—libby’s fa­ther is not will­ing to ac­cept any­thing out­side of his cho­sen be­lief sys­tem, and this proves to be a sig­nif­i­cant detri­ment to his fam­ily.

Quiver is an amaz­ing, heart­felt book with a pow­er­ful les­son to share. Nearly all young adults feel judged or ex­cluded at some point in their lives; this story will help any­one, no mat­ter their sit­u­a­tion, see that ac­cep­tance is pos­si­ble.

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