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GOLD / HU­MOR MAD Li­brar­ian You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Li­brary! Michael Guille­beau 411 pages, $20.00, 9780997205527 A li­brar­ian fights back when the city cuts off fund­ing for her li­brary in this funny, an­gry book. MADISON PRESS michael­guille­

GOLD / LGBT Back to You Chris Scully 279 pages, $17.99, 9781626495753 A jour­nal­ist re­turns home and finds rekin­dled ro­mance while un­earthing long kept fam­ily se­crets. RIP­TIDE PUB­LISH­ING rip­tidepub­lish­

HON­OR­ABLE MEN­TION / MUL­TI­CUL­TURAL The Shores of Our Souls Cul­ture Shaped Them. Chance United Them. Love Trans­formed Them. Kathryn Brown Ramsperger 243 pages, $16.97, 9781946920034 Will the love be­tween an ide­al­is­tic Amer­i­can woman and a duty-bound Le­banese man con­quer all? TOUCHPOINT PRESS shore­so­four­

GOLD / MYS­TERY Sing for the Dead Cyn­thia Drew 264 pages, $14.99, 9781621344001 Why are the vic­tims of three mur­ders be­ing si­lenced—each of them by a rare holy relic? WA­TER STREET PRESS BOOKS 707.367.1068 • wa­ter­street­press­

SIL­VER / SCI­ENCE FIC­TION Dog Logic Tom Stre­lich 395 pages, $24.95, 9780998507323 If Dr. Strangelove and Can­dide had a lit­ter of pup­pies you’d get Dog Logic, a duck-and-cover fable. OWL CANYON PRESS tom­stre­­dex

BRONZE / THRILLER & SUS­PENSE Do Not Ask Elaine Wil­liams Crock­ett 342 pages, $17.95, 9781543910438 The Pres­i­dent’s daugh­ters are miss­ing and won’t be found un­til a cen­turies-old mur­der is solved. BOOKBABY 877.961.6878 • elainewil­liamscrock­

SIL­VER / AU­TO­BI­OG­RA­PHY & MEM­OIR Nec­es­sary to Life A Mem­oir of De­vo­tion, Can­cer and Abun­dant Love Louisa Leon­ti­ades 248 pages, $14.95, 9781944934132 A mem­oir of fam­ily, de­vo­tion, and non-monogamy in the face of can­cer and heart­break. THORNTREE PRESS 800.888.4741 • ipg­

BRONZE / BI­OG­RA­PHY Jackie Robin­son A Spir­i­tual Bi­og­ra­phy Michael G. Long and Chris Lamb 212 pages, $17.00, 9780664262037 Marked by sac­ri­fice, ser­vice, and in­clu­sive­ness, Robin­son’s faith shaped not only his char­ac­ter but baseball and Amer­ica. WEST­MIN­STER JOHN KNOX PRESS 502.569.5211 • wjk­

SIL­VER / BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Spirit of the Earth In­dian Voices on Na­ture Joseph A. Fitzgerald and Michael O. Fitzgerald 136 pages, $14.95, 9781936597543 Of­ten spo­ken at the end of a prayer, a well-known Sioux phrase af­firms that “we are all re­lated.” Also a Fi­nal­ist in Na­ture. WORLD WIS­DOM 812.330.3232 • world­wis­

HON­OR­ABLE MEN­TION / BUSI­NESS & ECO­NOM­ICS Set for Life Dom­i­nate Life, Money, and the Amer­i­can Dream Scott Trench 237 pages, $29.99, 9780997584714 This isn’t about setting aside money for a “rainy day.” It’s about build­ing a Fi­nan­cial Run­way. BIGGERPOCKETS PUB­LISH­ING

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