Build­ing Cred­i­bil­ity from the Inside Out

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Rob Jolles, Ber­rett-koehler Pub­lish­ers (OC­TO­BER) Soft­cover $17.95 (192pp), 978-1-5230-9589-6

Some peo­ple just seem to have a cer­tain magic that high­lights their cred­i­bil­ity, draws peo­ple to them, and puts them on a fast track to suc­cess, while oth­ers strug­gle—even though their knowl­edge and skill lev­els may equal or even sur­pass those of their more suc­cess­ful col­leagues. Rob Jolles iden­ti­fies what that “magic” is, and why it makes those who have it more be­liev­able. He then shows that any­one can learn the skills needed to project con­fi­dence and cred­i­bil­ity.

It turns out that for oth­ers to be­lieve you, you must first be­lieve in your­self. That sounds sim­ple enough, but many peo­ple have been brought up and trained in self-doubt, self-crit­i­cism, and fear of fail­ure. But fail­ures are in­evitable on the way to busi­ness and so­cial suc­cess, and Jolles pro­vides prac­ti­cal tac­tics to en­hance cred­i­bil­ity and keep you stand­ing firm in your courage and self-con­fi­dence even when things get tough and doubt creeps in.

With the new per­spec­tives and tools Jolles pro­vides, you’ll ban­ish the word worry from your vo­cab­u­lary and con­quer the fears that are sure to crop up when you de­cide to take pos­i­tive ac­tion. You’ll learn how to shut down the neg­a­tive voices in your mind, why im­per­fec­tion is your ally, why the per­son who is speak­ing is not usu­ally the one in con­trol of the con­ver­sa­tion, what to do dur­ing si­lences, why it’s not per­fec­tion but your mis­takes and vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties that draw peo­ple to you, and more.

While our words may be im­por­tant, Jolles shows that it’s the way they’re said that makes them, and us, be­liev­able. His tips for us­ing our voices, fa­cial ex­pres­sions, ges­tures, and body lan­guage to cap­ti­vate and con­vince an au­di­ence are in­valu­able for sales­peo­ple, teach­ers, doc­tors, man­agers, speak­ers, and all of us who hope to be heard, un­der­stood, and be­lieved.

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