Plant-based Recipes, Life Sto­ries, and Nat­u­ral Health Sciences to Align Mind, Body, and Earth.

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Ky-lee Han­son, Golden Brick Road Pub­lish­ing House (OC­TO­BER) Soft­cover $36.95 (290pp), 978-1-988736-41-9

On Her Plate is a pos­i­tive, wo­man-cen­tered look at healthy liv­ing.

Mod­ern medicine of­fers women a bevy of reme­dies, but the med­i­ca­tion-cen­tric ap­proach leaves many long­ing for more. The women in this book have sought and found a deeper un­der­stand­ing of their bod­ies and minds, thus de­riv­ing ful­fill­ing, mind­ful, pro­foundly healthy ways of life. The book touches on di­ets, ex­er­cise, life­styles, and mind­sets, re­sult­ing in an ap­proach that is bal­anced, holis­tic, and em­pow­er­ing.

The book’s driv­ing force is its ar­ray of voices. They con­vey a mix of emo­tion, in­for­ma­tion, and hu­mor. Each is en­gag­ing and in­sight­ful. These women from dif­fer­ent back­grounds and health fields have paved the way, tack­ling tricky top­ics like man­ag­ing stress and pay­ing at­ten­tion to what you eat. They gen­er­ously of­fer their wis­dom to other mod­ern women.

Frank, wo­man-spe­cific dis­cus­sions, such as Amy Rem­pel’s “Get­ting My Men­strual Cy­cle On Point,” are in­cluded. In a broader sense, the book ad­dresses what so­ci­ety teaches women about their iden­ti­ties and their bod­ies, for­ward­ing ad­vice on how to shed judg­ment, shame, and dam­ag­ing di­ets and life­styles, and in­stead pur­sue health.

The book’s recipes—which are free of dairy, eggs, and an­i­mal byprod­ucts that have dele­te­ri­ous health ef­fects—make di­etary change man­age­able and ap­peal­ing. Recipe pho­tos are beau­ti­ful and ap­pe­tiz­ing. The glos­sary is sur­pris­ingly help­ful, in­creas­ing the ed­u­ca­tional value of the book without mak­ing it feel like a text­book.

On Her Plate es­chews popular no­tions about what it takes to be a healthy wo­man, and in­stead of­fers wis­dom that is mind­ful, af­firm­ing, and that em­braces the full pic­ture of what it means to be a wo­man.

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